The Orange County Improv Fest is an annual festival in which we feature outstanding and diverse improv teams in two talent-packed nights of unscripted comedy. The 2022 Festival will be held July 29-30 at the Frida Cinema in downtown Santa Ana. We are excited to release tickets and workshop enrollment early July!



First held in 2013, the Orange County Improv Festival was conceived to celebrate the growing and diverse improv community of Orange County, California. Despite prevailing opinions that Orange County is a homogenized wasteland devoid of culture, the OC Improv Fest seeks to expose the vibrant comedy taking place behind the “Orange Curtain.” The largest improv event in Orange County, the OC Improv Fest is committed to the celebration and elevation of improvisation, as well as forging friendships across cities and states with diverse and open-minded performers.


When do doors open?
The doors will be open 20 minutes before the listed start time for the block. You are welcome to enter the theater anytime, but we recommend you enter during these breaks in shows.

How do I buy tickets?
You can buy tickets online through the Frida Cinema website, or at the box office. Tickets for each night are sold separately.

Can I play in the Festival?
We have already accepted teams and completed the schedule for the 2022 Festival. We welcome you to submit for the 2023 Festival in the Fall!

Will the shows have refreshments?
The Frida Cinema offers theater-style snacks (such as popcorn) and sells beverages, including alcohol. There are also many restaurants, such as those in 4th street market.

Five hours of shows! Can I leave and come back?
Yes! Your ticket is good for the whole night and you can enter and leave as desired. We recommend you view the schedule and try and enter/exit the theater during the scheduled breaks (20 minutes prior to each block start). Otherwise, please try to exit between performances.

Where can I park?
There are numerous parking structures within walking distance to the theater. We recommend the structure at 300 E 5th St, Santa Ana, which is on the same block as the Frida Cinema.